31 January, 2011

Meet me at the dinner table....

I have a few confessions to make....

Please don't judge us too harshly, but up until 2 weeks ago, we NEVER ate dinner at the table as a family.
It wasn't even something we did at the beginning of our marriage. It just never happened.

Now I could sit here and give you 20 reasons, (excuses,) on why we didn't do it and I know the average family now a days is too busy to do a sit down dinner, but that's not even one of our reasons, (excuses.) We were just too LAZY, (and my husband is a tv addict!) ;)

J has been trying for years to get me to cook healthier, and heck, just cook more often! And now that our daughter eats pretty much everything we eat, (except meat, we still can't get her to eat meat,) I know that I need to consistently put together a well balanced meal.

So enter NOW...

AS I have stated, I had been dealing with some new years blues, some intense crankiness, and some temper issues; (just call ME a delight!) Our daughter was acting out horribly in the evenings, was taking 1-2 hrs to eat her dinner and I felt the evenings were turning into "a mommy and daddy have had a long day and we just want to be lazy" selfish attitude.

Well I kinda reached a breaking point awhile back and knew we needed to change some stuff. I have to keep reminding myself that bringing children into this world is not a right; they were a gift from God for us to give of ourselves and raise them here on earth. It's not about how I am feeling or what kind of mood I have been in. It's about them.

I also had the excuse that it seemed like 80% of the time, I was feeding our son at dinner time and wouldn't be able to sit at the table to eat anyway.

Well we made the decision that we were going to do our best to sit down every night and eat at the table as a family. Well we've done it!!
We only missed one night in the past 2 weeks, because we were out shopping and got fast food on the way home.
We've also found, that even if our son is screaming and due to eat, he will do ok in the highchair for a bit because we are all sitting close together with him.
And the best part of this whole thing: our daughter is suddenly eating faster!

Ummm, it's amazing what happens when we put our own selfish desires aside, and start doing what's best for our family.
Hello! Obvious light bulb!
It's even warming up to my husband a bit. He would still rather sit in his comfy recliner and watch tv or play video games, but he is starting to realize, I am a little more motivated to cook something other than tator tots, if we are sitting down enjoying it together as a FAMILY! ;)


  1. Hello, Mrs. Delight *snort*

    The dinner table is a good thing. It took us awhile too to get in the habit. Our kitchen table was used for school, the catch-all and let's not forget the "where mom fold the laundry" table.
    BUT.... finally made a big deal about it and now we really enjoy it. I love having everyone talk and hearing the interaction.

  2. You can do it!! We try to make a point of sitting down at the dinner table together (although I will admit that the tv sometimes remains on!!). Most of the time, it's the only part of the day where we're all together!

  3. That's great, Marcella! Keep up the good work! I, too, have been convicted lately to do things more "on purpose" in my life and as a parent, and not just waste my time watching the world go by. After all, we only get one chance to raise our kids. There is no time like the present!


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