27 January, 2011


There's nothing like announcing to the world how much you weigh.......

Weight progress

Three goals:
A)     Pre Son pregnancy weight: 160
B)   Pre Daughter weight (May 07): 147
B)      October 2008 weight: 145
C)      Ultimate goal: 135

9 months pregnant: June 30th: 203 lbs  (heaviest ever)
October 13th  2010: 171.2
October  19th 2010: 170.8
January 25th 2011: 169.0

 More on this post later.....


  1. You are DOING GREAT!! Keep going....one week...one day...one hour at a time. XO

  2. You are brave! Not sure I'm up to posting my weight on the Internet just yet! But it sure would help keep me accountable :) It looks like you are doing great with your goals!!

  3. oh my goodness, this is my ongoing struggle too!! It's taking a lot longer than I'd like, but I KNOW we can get there :)

  4. I am so with you and my youngest is SEVEN! I do great loose weight and go back to bad habits and weight goes right back on. :(
    I think I have reached my breaking point.... Gonna do that cleanse I was telling you about. Gonns be hard but I want to turn MY life (and our families) around for the healthier. So kudos to you for sticking to it now!


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