03 December, 2010

Thanksgiving in December?

Ok I know, I am doing my Thanksgiving post after I did my Santa post. So sue me.
I guess I kinda remembered after I had already posted about Santa that I hadn't put up Thanksgiving....whoops! Good thing we can be thankful at any point in the year! ;)

It was kinda special this year, we didn't get to celebrate with anyone, but it was our first attempt at doing our OWN turkey! J got a free one from his regiment and we figured this would be a good year to practice since we wouldn't be ruining anyone else's day if we screwed it up! ;)
J has always wanted to fry our turkey, but we just end up talking about it and saying next year....

I have to be honest, hubby did most of it. I got tips from my brother and Aunties and we started out on our adventure.

Turkey in a bag about to head into the oven:

Baby's first Thanksgiving:

Out of the oven!
Way too much food for 2 people
Mmmmm pies:

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