19 December, 2010


If you know me, you know I am not the world's greatest chef or baker and have never claimed to be...
It just has never been my thing. I would MUCH rather be cleaning or organizing than doing anything involving food! I know, I know, I should have my SAHM license removed!

Now don't get me wrong, its not that I have no ability and can't cook/bake whatsoever, its just not something I excel at or prefer doing. 
Although there are a few meals that I think I make pretty well!  

I know people that tackle making hundreds of goodies at Christmas time and while I applaud them, I just don't think I could ever have the time or energy to put into that. On a realistic note, they do make wonderful Christmas gifts and I did enjoy making cookies for our friends and neighbors back in Beaufort every year. But especially with my fussy little guy right now, there is no way I could make up much without extra help.

So enter this year. A few weeks back I picked up some cute little Christmas tree tins for like a dollar and figured this year we'd make Jesus some "birthday cakes." {do you think He'd mind that they are Christmas trees with ornaments on??!} ;)
I baked them yesterday afternoon, (instead of cleaning the showers/bathroom like I was suppose to,) and then actually decided to let Turtle help decorate! 
{That's twice this holiday season I have put my OCD/perfectionism on the back burner and let her help!} ;)

And boy did this little almost 3 year love it!! So far in her "lifetime" the child has not had much sugar and actually turns up her nose to most sweet things, (except chocolate and gummies,) But she was soooooo excited to decorate the chocolate cakes. Too bad she wont eat any....sigh....I guess that just means more for me!

{Just don't tell her Daddy she licked most of them M&M's before putting them on!}




  1. halle is so into kitchen help too! I just taught her to crack eggs at supper! The cakes turned out lovely too! You're awesome Marcella!!!!

  2. awwww.... how sweet is that! She looks like she had a blast! We made sugar cookies tonight...(I mean today) THANK goodness I only make them during this time of the year... i love them too much! And I am a lot like you, I am not the baker or the chef...

  3. How fun! Wish we could trade places! I would bake for u and u could clean/organize for me!
    Thanks for sharing photos! This is what memories are made of!

  4. How sweet!-- and not just the cake! ;)

    Here from Kate's blog. I had to come meet ya-- From a Marine family here. ;)

  5. Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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