03 December, 2010

"present birthday" {Santa Baby '10}

There are pluses and negatives to military life.
The biggest negative of course is having to say goodbye to your spouse for LONG periods of time, but one of the nice things, is that you do get a lot of cool opportunities and extras. A certain well known shipping company was one of a few companies that donated over 2000 Christmas trees to our regiment and we got to go yesterday to pick one out.

I took some pictures while we were waiting "in line" for Santa, {we found out later it was the wrong line and there was no line for Santa; lol,} but I never got any of hubby carrying the tree that he picked out. By the time we actually got to pick a tree, (they were already pre wrapped so it was just pray and hope that you got a good one,) we had been waiting for 2 hours and both kids were tired and hungry so it was just a mad dash to get out of there.

Waiting "in line":
Turtle has never been a fan of Santa in any of the Christmas's she's experienced thus far and this year was no exception. Monkey surprisingly had no problem sitting with the big guy!

I love this one! Monkey is looking at his sister, "like seriously, whats your problem!":

So our tree is up and decorated, but the pics are still on the camera so they will have to wait for another post!
BTW, "present birthday" is what Turtle calls everything to do with Christmas! I've tried explaining it to her several times, but every time we see lights or something decorated, its "present birthday"!!
I think maybe she knows what she's talking about! ;)

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