31 December, 2010

May I have a rain check please??

I would really like a do-over of Christmas day Please!

I can't?
You mean I have to wait till next year? But it wont be my son's first Christmas or my husband could very well be deployed!
Oh Well!

Yeah so my husband came home from work sick the Tuesday before Christmas and I knew it would turn ugly. I spent the next few days PRAYING that God would either heal the kids and I before we got sick or keep us well until after Christmas...Yeah He had other ideas....

Monkey woke up early Christmas morning with a fever and wanted nothing but to cry on my shoulder all day. Turtle woke up extra whiny and I should have seen the warning bells but I was too busy moping about the fact that my perfectly visioned Christmas morning had been ruined!
Monkey's fever continued to rise throughout the day and we put the whiny 2 yr old down for a early nap. She was oddly asleep in 20 minutes and soon after I could hear her breathing funny and then the moaning sounds she makes when she's sick. I knew immediately we had 2 sick kids on our hands....

She surprisingly had a great nap, despite the fever/sniffles, but by the time she got up in the evening, her little 5 month old brother's fever was almost 103 and after 3 doses of Tylenol throughout the day, did not look like it was breaking anytime soon.
So I made the decision to not be careless mommy and we left for the ER.
Well as typical as life goes for me, my sons fever decided to break a bit while we were on our way to the Hospital, so he was cooler when we checked in. They still ran all of the usual tests and x-ray to make sure all of the normal causes were clear and then waited for results.
 During this almost 3 hour period Monkey was checked in, Turtle started acting less and less like herself and starting feeling hotter to the touch.
I finally got someone to take her temperature and it was 104.4!
We decided to then check her in.
{please note: J's hand is on Monkey's leg, so please don't freak out that we are letting him alone on the bed!!}

2 hours later it was determined she had walking pneumonia! {pneumonia without the symptoms} Weird!!

I woke up the next morning with a nasty head cold, so here we all are, 5 days later, with nastiness still abundant....and I still feel like I am waiting for Christmas morning.

The ironic thing is, which I realized the next day; last year we didn't really celebrate the holiday, I didn't decorate, and just never got into the spirit of things.  See: {Last Year}
We then proceeded to have one of our BEST Christmas's EVER in 2009!

This year, I couldn't wait for the Holiday season to begin! December 1st rolled around; the tree was up, the decorations were out, and I was belting out "O Holy Night!"
Then look what happened!

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  1. It's a time to remember and to be thankful. Glad you all are feeling better and can enjoy the new year and see what 2011 will being your way.


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