22 November, 2010

{my loves}

I did so well blogging last month I was hoping to keep it up through the holidays but its not happening. My headaches have returned and this little boy just isn't growing out of his fussiness anytime soon. Some people may enjoy having a baby that just isn't ready to cut the umbilical cord......I am not one of them!
It wouldn't be too bad I guess If he would just sit and snuggle, but he only wants you to walk the floor....*Sigh*

I love my little boy, but this momma is wearing thin.

On top of that, I am starting my usual "feeling sorry for myself" me around the holidays as everyone talks about their family get togethers. We moved to the west coast to be closer, but its still not going to happen anytime soon.

Also, I would love to say my daughter is completely potty trained but alas she is not. She does pretty well during the day as long as she has loose pants on, but in the evenings she gets too lazy and waits until the last second resulting in accidents. She still is in diapers at night and I know some people are against that because they think it confuses the child, but I pretty sure she knows. Most nights she is dry while wearing them and wakes up to take the diaper off to go pee in the morning. We have tried her without one but she seems to pee in her sleep if we do and I get exhausted washing her sheets and all her blankets all the time, so in the mean time she will still wear them at night. We are already saving sooo much on diapers by having her potty trained during the day, its wonderful!

To counteract my complaining, I am posting 10 things to be thankful for this holiday week:

{my husband, daughter, and son; I may complain about them now and again, but they are my world and I wouldn't know what to do without them!}

{photography: I will never grow tired of looking at artists images and finding new photographers to drool over! To all my friends that are photographers: DON'T ever stop! You inspire me}

{our health: we may not be perfect or without aches and pains, but we don't have terminal illnesses to speak of! To those that do, may God provide you with healing and peace}

{togetherness: we are together as a family (for now) during this holiday season; May God be with the men and women who are away serving our country this season and their families who must celebrate without them}

{our marriage: I don't have enough fingers to count the people we know personally whose marriages fell apart this year. (oh where has the sanctity of marriage gone??) I am so glad I know my husband isn't perfect and never expect him to be and vice versa. Our love and friendship just keeps getting stronger and growing deeper roots!}

{"food and shelter": We have been blessed; Thank you Lord for our home and the ability to clothe and feed our children.}

{the "little things": wanting our son to be born in July; Christmas music; snow in Beaufort on February 12th!; baseball games; College football; spa day (even if my "permanent" hair color only lasted a week); chocolate chip cookies...}

{extended family: (even if they quite often drive us crazy) like a brother that will take a week off work to fly across country to help you move 3000 miles; a mom who will spend every penny she has to fly down to watch your daughter while you have your second child all while missing work for 2 weeks}

{friends: you don't know what you have until its gone: enuf said}


{answered prayers..... whether they be yes or no: PCS orders, the chance our son could have had a chromosomal disorder; husband being here for son's birth; trip to Washington DC; Afghanistan deployment; a trip home;......
May I always remember not my will be done but Thy will be done!}

Here is a quote I read this week that fits this topic:
‎"Be on the lookout for mercies. The more we look for them, the more of them we will see. Blessings brighten when we count them."

Please focus on the blessings in your life, it will change your attitude!

{I will leave you with these, my biggest blessings ever!}:


  1. Oh My!! Fighting tears back as you remind me we have so much to be thankful for. U know how i wish i could be there,,,but then i would drive u crazy probably kicking u out of the house every chance i got to have some me time!!
    It will get easier with Nolan i am sure....thankyou for posting.

  2. FOR U to have ME time not ME,,,,,lol.

  3. Such a great post, and beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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