09 October, 2010

10,000 and still clicking

or snapping, or pressing....whatever you would like to call it!

Anyway this was the FIRST picture I took with my cool new camera back in February of 2008:
Surprisingly enough it was of the dog and not my 3 and a half week old daughter, (she was napping.)

It was an early birthday gift from my hubby, (who wasn't even there,) just before he deployed to Iraq. Kind of a consolation prize???

And this my dear friends, was my 10,000th picture taken just this afternoon!: (Thank goodness it turned out decent, it would have been horrible if the actual 10,000th one was blurry or of my shoe or something!) ;)
Now I am sure y'all have taken more with your current camera and I am not including my point and shoots or the old days of many a wasted 35mm film, but it was just a fun milestone that I realized as I was uploading today's pictures.
I still wish I could use my camera for what it's worth. I am ashamed to admit, it is always on automatic everything....I have yet to learn all about shutter speed and all the other cool settings. I am slowly building my add ons and lenses but I have OH SO MUCH more to learn to do it justice!

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  1. I ordered books lol. I would LOVE to take classes, but they involve specific time requirements that as a mother I can not guarantee. A book however, sits on the shelf until i have free time to sit and play with my camera. For the first year I too only used automatic settings, so don't feel bad. Learning the settings is no joke either! :)


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