29 October, 2010

Costume shoot 2010

Here are some pics from our "pumpkin patch" visit this morning.

It's not really a patch, its a place we discovered on our way somewhere else last weekend on a new exit we took off the freeway.
Its a cute little roadside farmer's market that sets up a little pumpkin/haystack background for free DIY pictures! I had sorta tried looking for a nice family oriented pumpkin patch and didn't find one, so this was great in a pinch!

14 October, 2010

Long overdue update

{WARNING: long and rambly!}

Or maybe it’s not overdue, maybe no one is missing it or wondering about things, but since I like to ramble anyway, I might as well let you in on the Ramer family latest....

First of all, the last time I gave you all a real update, we had just moved here. Well that was 7 months and 4 days ago and things have changed a million times over.

As you all know, J checked into the regiment and we got word that they were deploying in the fall for 13 months to Afghanistan. 
He spent the summer leaving on work ups and training and it was full of stress. 
As the months went by they kept telling him different things; First he was going for the whole dep, then it was switching out with another Marine and only going for half the time, then it was just for 3 months so the other MAGTF planners over there could get their R&R. 
Then it was this and then it was that, (extremely common for all branches of the military, they never know what they are doing.) 
So every time he told me something different, I just shrugged my shoulders, rolled my eyes and still tried to prepare for the yearlong deployment.

Well here we are mid-October and I am not quite sure what to think.
The main body left September 6th, and my husband wasn’t with them! 

But his bags are still packed and ready in the garage. Up until they left he had to do everything they were doing in prep for leaving. And he still has to be ready at any moment in case they call him over.
So how do we feel about this?……hmmmmm…..

J has the same feelings as he did before, he really doesn’t want to go this time around as he would like to volunteer for an IA billet later on (individual augment: u still deploy but you go with another unit and it looks better on your record.) 
And he would like to be here around his son this time around.

Me…..well…..can we just skip all deployments forever???? 
Lol, yes I know, that’s not going to happen. But really, I have majorly mixed feelings. 

You may think I am crazy, but I feel guilty. I absolutely thank God every day that my husband is still here with us, but I feel guilty that other spouses had to say goodbye and are dealing with their kids and lives all by themselves and I don’t have to. I know I know, it’s not like I haven’t had to do it before, but it doesn’t take away the feelings.
And at the same time, every day I just have a sinking feeling that every time my husband calls me, it’s to tell me they want him over now!

So that is where we “stand.” We hurry up and wait, (wait, where have I heard that before!) ;)

On to home life, {that is if you are still reading.}
I think I am finally waking up from this daze I have been in since NPP was born. I still have a lot to work on as far as weight issues and getting this house back in order, but I don’t feel like I am in such a fog anymore. 
The obstacle I am working on right now is potty training Turtle and daily beating myself up for not doing it before the baby was born. She is plenty old enough now so it has just become a psychological and stubbornness battle. 
Plus as you breastfeeding moms know, there’s nothing like trying to make sure the older child gets on the potty in time while you have a baby latched on! And as much as I hate this way of doing it, we have found that letting her go commando is the best thing! :( Oh well, hopefully very soon I will have a post about long term success!

Monkey; well Monkey is that hidden blessing that you get when you make your way out of stress and the “challenge” is over….
The problem is, we’re still in the hidden part. 
He is, well, he is a pain in the butt delight! He loves to be held and has taken colic to another level. We have gotten a lot of tips to try to work through this, but I don’t think its colic as much anymore as I think it’s just that he is a big baby! Thank God he’s cute! ;) He does smile and have his “cooing” moments, but that’s because he is getting attention from someone. So as I have said in other posts, my focus is on THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

I can’t believe the holidays are closing in on us. I will be doing the kids fall costume shoot next week, (pray my husband doesn’t strangle me, lol,) and I just ordered NPP’s Christmas stocking. We will see what Southern California brings us this fall/winter. So far I wasn’t impressed with its spring and summer, so we will see!

PS, I am pretty sure the Yankee Candle "pumpkin spice" is what brought me out of my fog! ;)

09 October, 2010

Never, ever leave home without your extra drool...

Ok one more post for the day..... I do have an actual written update in mind to do one of these days,
but in the mean time,
Its just easier to upload a few pictures
and call it good!
{and please remember, NEVER, EVER leave home without your extra drool!}


10,000 and still clicking

or snapping, or pressing....whatever you would like to call it!

Anyway this was the FIRST picture I took with my cool new camera back in February of 2008:
Surprisingly enough it was of the dog and not my 3 and a half week old daughter, (she was napping.)

It was an early birthday gift from my hubby, (who wasn't even there,) just before he deployed to Iraq. Kind of a consolation prize???

And this my dear friends, was my 10,000th picture taken just this afternoon!: (Thank goodness it turned out decent, it would have been horrible if the actual 10,000th one was blurry or of my shoe or something!) ;)
Now I am sure y'all have taken more with your current camera and I am not including my point and shoots or the old days of many a wasted 35mm film, but it was just a fun milestone that I realized as I was uploading today's pictures.
I still wish I could use my camera for what it's worth. I am ashamed to admit, it is always on automatic everything....I have yet to learn all about shutter speed and all the other cool settings. I am slowly building my add ons and lenses but I have OH SO MUCH more to learn to do it justice!

07 October, 2010

Is it Wrong??....

...to absolutely adore your daughter's hair???? I know at some point we will have to trim it.....but until then I admit, I am 100% jealoooous!

On a side note, I really wish she was as angelic as these pictures portray her to be! ;)

03 October, 2010

No reason

The kids in their Big sis Little bro shirts a month apart:
U can tell little man fills it out a little more now, ;)
And my gamer husband passing down his obsession with his children:
today with his son.......and in November of 2008 with his daughter!