24 September, 2010

The ideal family picture attempt AGAIN...

and it NEVER turns out how I imagine it in my mind

I have decided it just doesn't work to use a timer now that we have two kids and AJ doesn't care about the flashing timer light anymore. When I do get behind the camera, I do enjoy some of the shots that turn out, but my 2 & a half year old just isn't thrilled to have her picture taken all the time like she used to. I am quite annoyed that we are going to have to pay for future family shots....(and then the whole hassle of trying to find a local one I like; that doesn't charge an arm and a leg.) :(

In the meantime, here are a few good ones I did manage to take, with some help from the hubby, {who by the way, took the pics of Turtle and I while holding Monkey!}

My favorite are the ones of the boys, (because I am not in them) ;)My daughter, full of attitude and not cooperating, (I have no idea where she gets it from!)

Can't believe this little guy is going to be 3 months old in a matter of days!
And the only halfway decent one of the whole family, it was going to be our Christmas card, but alas....its NOT going to be!


  1. Oh Marcella i love them,,,,,and AJ with her arms folded both of them,,,,make me chuckle!!!! too funny! So adorable of the boys too.....thanks for posting them,,, and who knows but the Lord can bring someone across your path who could take photos for u with your camera,,,if u don't get a chance to get anymore done i would LOVE one of your family anyhow!!

  2. ...wow ..hi I am Kellys mom ...these are stunning pics...I agree with Jocelyn the one o your little girl...wow should be on a calendar...beautiful family

  3. Marcella!!!! You did awesome!! You have a newborn, a toddler (hardest ever to get pics of) and you were doing it yourself!!! You got some great shots....


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