22 September, 2010


....in motherhood!

This is what I wanted right???? I gave up a career and a life of "sophistication" and "glamor" for this! ;) ;)

"This too shall pass" has been my quote to live by the last 3 months and right now I can't mentally get past it. "Consider it pure JOY my brothers....." It's gonna make me stronger right??????

The dust buildup has started receiving its own mail here, I don't even want to know what's under the couch cushions, I have to look forever to find a shirt without a major amount of spitup or drool on it, and my extra weight is laughing at me in the mirror!

SOMEDAY....someday when they are older I will miss these sights around my house.....someday I will look back and wish I could snuggle them again....someday she'll be potty trained and stop whining.....someday he'll want to be put down right?????

 In the mean time, will someone make this baby stop CRYING!!


  1. I have to tell you, it does get better...I know that doesn't really help in the moment but hey, it's something to look forward to...right? What I did for my sanity...when my 2nd was 6 mos old I got a part-time job two days a week. It saved me from a trip to the looney bin!

  2. Ohhhh,,,,Marcella this too shall pass,,,,i can only imagine what your going thru if Nolan is alittle fussy but hey how i wish i could trade a day with you.As Courtney ends her high school days this year,,,yeah,,,,we are celebrating graduation soon but not growing older,,,,,how i wish i was back in their baby days,,,,,as busy a time it is,,,,,,,life is simpler,,,,so having said this,,,,i will pray for you that u will be able to cherish each day with its struggles,,,,,because before u know it they will both be in school far too soon.


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