22 September, 2010

Anniversary surprise!

So hubby and I both knew we wouldn't be able to do a night out for our anniversary this year with having two young children and not having anyone to watch them here yet, so I figured it would be kind of a low key anniversary this year with something simple at home.

The day before I finally asked him what our plan was and he said I had an appointment late morning.

 I started doing calculations in my head and asked what I needed to pack for the kids, how long we were going to be gone, and when we needed to leave. He then informed me it was just for me and that he would be staying at home with them ALL DAY!!

I admit this scared me at first as he had yet to watch Monkey, yet let alone both the kids by himself.....and to watch them by himself all day??????

But none the less, I was intrigued, a little excited, and I decided to put my fears aside! {Its not like he didn't have a ton of time to make up for anyway!} ;)

So the next morning, I made a big breakfast, gave hubby his measly (boring) gift of a book and a gift card, and excitedly and nervously took of on my own with just an address in my possession!
This was the surprise at the end of my journey: http://www.entouragesalon.com/
And for 5 and a half hours I was treated like a princess {well sort of, I have a few complaints, but really it was relaxing}!

My day off included:
a pedi:

A mani:
And since my hubby loves a particular hair color, my hair!:
This is the before:
and tada......the after!!: {in case you couldn't tell, Josh loves redheads!} ;)
Please excuse the lack of makeup and the huge bags...I kinda missed my nap that day! ;)

Unfortunately my hair doesn't absorb color well anymore and 11 days later its more copper, but hey, it still was an afternoon off!!!


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE IT.. Seth also likes red heads... SO I get the "want to do it for your man" thing! You are beautiful and many your kids are the cutest!

  2. You SOOOOOOOO deserved this!!! So glad your hubby did this for you....you foxy redhead!!!!


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