20 August, 2010

Happy Belated.....

....Birthday to my hubby????

(It was two weeks ago)

{in case you haven't seen any pictures of our 7 week old son, this is his twin! ;)}

Ok so I don't win the wife of the year award.....But better late than never right???? ;)

My hubby's other twin: his father!
I have absolutely NO plans to quit my day job and go into the cake decorating business, which is a pretty good idea, cuz its HORRIBLE! {but it tasted yummy! ;)}

There are not enough words to describe how I feel about this man.

I ask him all the time how he puts up with me and how he has never given up on me....

.....He rocks!

And for someone that missed most of his daughter's first year of life, he sure had no problem getting right in there and getting this little girl wrapped around his finger! I can't wait to see the fun he is going to have with our son.
: We LOVE you!! HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!

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  1. Hey i can't wait to see Nolans first year birthday picture!! Josh is and was a cutey!!! The cake looks fabulous,,,,i can't do any better!! Hope your having a good day!


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