23 July, 2010

Haven't given them back yet...."yet"

Hello all,
I know I don't have to explain myself, especially to those of you who are parents to more than one child, but even though I am still alive, we are in the middle of the tough adjusting period....

Little Monkey man has hit a colic stage that his sister never went through, the big sister is in a tough whiny having her world turned upside stage and my husband is gone for 3 weeks with absolutely no communication with him whatsoever. :(
Needless to say this mommy is a "little" worn out and overwhelmed and even though I have tons of new posts swarming around in my head...blogging is not exactly top priority right now. {Although I still get on daily to read your blogs! :)}

Turtle was "helping" Daddy pack last week and put one of his "hats" on, (she is SUCH a hat girl!)I had to go back and look...........this picture was taken in September 2008 when we were getting ready for Daddy to come home from Iraq!:
My how time flies!I always said I would take as many pictures of my 2nd as my first....but yeah um....that's not happening. I feel bad and hope that I can do better in the future, but until then, here is a shot of him last week:
My new favorite photo of the month: {I can't wait for Monkey to get older for the fun these two are going to have!}
I had to get a picture of the 3 of them before Daddy left. [I thought it was hard to get 2 people to cooperate for pictures!] Its a good thing the newborn was content! :)

Anyway, if you have an extra second in your day to send a prayer up, send one up for me. I have never done well when there was no communication with my husband and now I am just a little overwhelmed and sleep deprived on top of it!

03 July, 2010

He's here!!

I promise I will update soon with a more detailed post but as you second time mom's know...there may be a shorter amount of healing the second time around, but I am definitely more sleep deprived and feel like I am walking around in a haze.

Here is the "little" guy, (all 9 lbs 5 oz of him) ready to head home:
And here is the proud big sister holding her brother: