27 April, 2010

The little man's room

So since hubby is leaving in a couple days and will be gone for a few weeks, I finally got him to help put the baby furniture together before he leaves and I just couldn't stop working on the rest of the room!
I still have pictures and some other things to hang on the walls that involve his name; and I still have to wash all the baby clothes, but I will have plenty of time to do that while hubby is away!
I know there is like 5 different colors of wood stains going on in here, but I am cheap, and I didn't want to go out and buy something that we already had, that worked just fine!
(The toy chest on the right was made by J's dad when he was 2,)
and the changing table was Turtle's.
We obviously like the sports theme! (but we are going with blue, green, and orange for a color theme.)
The photo in the picture is of J and his dad:
Some gifts from family and friends already!
The photo in this pic is also of J and his dad at Josh's USMC boot camp graduation:

And this is Mommy's "progress" so far; 30 weeks and still growing strong!

12 April, 2010

The Living Quarters:

Ok I know its taken me a month to get these pictures up and that, we know, is sooo unlike me! But I was sick for the first 3 weeks here and then Turtle had a weird stomach bug all last week and it just didn't happen.
I finally walked around the house and took them this morning! Please excuse the random piles here and there. I am still trying to get a few things put away or up on the walls, and I have a huge load to take to Goodwill.

Here is a view of the living room taken from the stairs:

The dining and kitchen area from the living room:
The dining room that is currently serving as a kids play/entertainment area:
The laundry room, which after 5 years of having the washer/dryer in the kitchen, is one of the things that makes me the happiest!
The transition to the upstairs:
The landing at the top:
The huge most wonderful storage closet:

Turtle's room (still has a few things to perfect it, but its mostly finished):

Baby Pirate's room (we hope to have it set up in the next two weeks!) :

The kid's monkey bathroom!!:

Our bathroom:

Our walk in closet: (still needs major organization, but since I can't fit in any of my regular clothes its not a major priority right now!)

Our bedroom (please excuse the mess of bed/comforter; we just bought a brand new king sized bed and have yet to pick out a comforter) :

The hall which leads to the storage closet and kid's bedrooms:
The outside of our house (we are the 3rd in a fourplex)
The actual dimension:And the sad little patio that was in such bad shape when we moved in and will probably continue to be that way for awhile because of the busy summer we have ahead!

All in all, the house is very roomy in a lot of areas, but I could have sacrificed some of the extra square footage in order to have some more cupboards in the kitchen and an actual yard!