20 March, 2010

and The Saga continues.....

Well my friends, we need more prayer for our family....

I will not tell a lie,
we are having a hard time here in sunny Southern California so far.

 Living in a small town for almost 5 years, no matter where we had been before kind of made us lazy. Things are SOOO different here. I know we wanted this, but to tell you the truth, we have looked at each other and asked if maybe we made the wrong choice more than once.

We now have a bigger home, but it is a fourplex ,that looks more like a glorified apartment building. We now have NO yard, no privacy, and can hear every movement our neighbors make.

J now has 3x the commute and we never see him anymore; he comes home, eats dinner, and goes to bed only to be gone at 0530 to do it all over again the next day.
Next week, he will be having 14/15 hour work days and that doesn't even count his commute.

And to tell you another truth: I almost miss our big Supercenter Walmart back in Beaufort! ;)

We will adjust, I know we will....

Which leads me this post requesting more prayer yet again.

J checked into his very first day of work this past Monday and got the news that as a military wife, always leaves me feeling empty and more alone than anything else.
Only its the scariest yet!
He is deploying at the end of summer for a whole 13 months to Afghanistan...

And what has us the most annoyed, starting in May, he will be gone for some kind of training every month up until they leave. Which means he might not be here for the birth of our second child.
And now I must do this all again BY MYSELF except now it is a longer deployment and I have will have a 2 and half year old along with a newborn!

Now I know what you must be thinking...
HELLO, he is a Marine, what do you expect??
We are in a time of war, people deploy!!!!
But its so easy for others to think and say that when they don't experience this life!

We knew he would deploy again at some point. In fact, he wanted to go to Afghanistan at some point. But he also wanted be there when his son was born and actually be around to see this one with its firsts since he missed it all with Turtle. His plan was to actually volunteer to go next year after we were settled and the baby was older.
But NO, his monitored FAILED to mention this unit was deploying when J was asked if he wanted orders for here.
So after being in our new home for only 6 days, we get the news...

Just please pray for us....Overwhelmed, angry, and hurt are just some of the feelings I (we) am (are) going though at the moment!

Thank you!

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  1. oh marcella...i can feel how much you are hurting right now...and it makes COMPLETE sense. I am SO very sorry. I am praying that God WILL provide a way for Josh to be there for the birth...and I am praying He will fill you with hope. Come move up here!...Kelly and Dustin are great with the kids....just think of the playdates and photoshoot fun we could have!!! I'll be praying....


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