25 January, 2010

Happy Birthday big girl!!!!

Happy Birthday sweet little girl!!

In some ways, it feels like it has been 2 years, some days 5 years, and at other moments like this past week, it seemed like we JUST brought you home from the hospital to start our adventure!

You have such a strong personality. I know some might think that will hinder you being a female, but I think it will take you so far! You know what you want and you are so stubborn that you wont stop at anything!
On the other side, you have the sweetest personality! That is why I know you will go far. You are strong but sweet, and those are wonderful characteristics especially for a military child.
I am sure there will be MANY a time where we will butt heads, but I know that deep down, it is because you are a feisty strong willed child who will stand up for what she believes in!
I can not wait to see what kind of big sister you will be!
This is going to be such a big year for you! Not only must we leave our baby ways behind, but in a few short months you are going to have to share mommy and daddy. Some may say the burdens of being the oldest sibling are not fair compared to the fun the baby/youngest gets to have, but I think it evens out. The oldest always gets to spend the one on one time before siblings arrive; They get everything new; They have the fresh parents that aren't worn out! ;)
I think you will do so well in this role!We are also going to work on potty training in the next few months as my goal is to have you potty trained by the time the little one arrives, but I also know with your stubbornness, I need to have an open mind and let it happen when it happens!
It has been so wonderful and exciting to watch you grow into your personality so far and even though as a parent, we want to keep you little forever, I can't wait to see what God has planned for you!
My plan was to have your 2 yr portraits done this past week, but life doesn't always cooperate with what WE have planned, so hopefully we will get them done soon! We love you Sweetheart! Happy 2nd Birthday!!

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