18 January, 2010

The BIG 2!!!

This has been quite the weekend!
Without going into what happened Saturday evening yet, we'll start with Turtle's early birthday party on Sunday, (her bday is not actually until the 25th).
The event was almost postponed due to Saturday's events, but a wonderful dear friend of ours said she would help J with whatever was needed as I am now on temporary bed rest...

Since it was a Sunday and Turtle still has afternoon naps, we decided to have it around 5/530 in the evening. I bought some ABC post it notes for the party favors, but we decided to "steal" a few and hubby came up with the name/party favor wall for the birthday girl and her little party attendees!
Since I am not much use right now, Daddy dressed Turtle and this is the result. Not exactly what I had in mind, but the job got done. And with all the house cleaning and other stuff that he had to do by himself in order to get ready, I can't really complain!
In an odd moment of who knows what, I strayed from my usual chocolate everything and actually did strawberry and vanilla icing cupcakes! Not Martha Stewart, but about as creative as this mommy gets! :)
There was sooo much food it wouldn't all fit on the table, we had some in the kitchen also! But it was all so yummy!

Hubby and Miss Lisa working in the kitchen
Very unhappy hungry baby Jaxon:
The Ramer family, Turtle's birthday 2010!!

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  1. Awww... Happy Birthday Miss Aurelia!!! What a big year this will be for you! Hope all is well Marcella..you better take it easy,or I'll have to come down there and MAKE you! I had to do a bit of bed rest with Halle and it's no fun. Praying for you and "mini-turtle?" or do you have another pet name yet?


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