13 January, 2010

2 Cans of Formula

I am trying to do better about working on my attitude these last few days. Hubby started back to nights (evenings) this week and even though I have already had a handful of moments where I wanted to curl into a ball or run away in this short week already, I am trying to focus on some positives!
It also helps that one of my great friends here, has kept me accountable with walking and we have already gone twice in the last 2 days. Fresh air and a little exercise can be so good for the mental health!
Which leads me to my post!

I am excited for this baby;
It was planned, wanted, hoped and prayed for!
But I admit, this being the second child, the daily anticipation is not the same as it was for the first.

You been through it before, you've seen your belly expand and felt the fluttering of first movements. Sure, you have your worries about it being healthy and how you are going to make the transition from parenting one to two, but its not the same as the first time parent anxiety.
Right now, time is going by a lot faster and instead of millions of years going by in between doctors appointments and hearing of the heartbeat, I can't believe we are just a few weeks away from the halfway point!

Yesterday, I walked out to get the mail and inside the box was a package. In this package were two cans of formula. As I pulled it out and opened it up, all of a sudden excitement washed over and I started to cry a little.

This was for Baby #2!
JUST for Baby!

Not a hand me down, not a used item, but something that was shipped and sent just for the miracle growing inside of me right now!
Ironically, since the items were cans of formula, there is no guarantee that these two cans will even be consumed by the time the child is 1, as our preferred method of feeding is breastfeeding. But none the less, these came just for Baby!
Now I realize, as I explain that I got excited and tearful about cans of formula arriving in the mail, that people like my husband might roll their eyes and shake their heads about the "joys" of pregnancy hormones, but it was what I "needed"!

SO that box of formula will sit at the front my pantry! Every day I need the reminder that I need the little things; Instead of living, waiting every second for God to make the big things happen that we think we have to have happen to make our world go round, I need the little things!


  1. oh marcella...i totally hear you and remember...your excitement will grow for sure! It is definitely different the second time around. Hurry up and grow baby...can't wait to see what's in there!!!!

  2. Hey, Marcella, do you have the book "Your Pregnancy Week by Week?" I really like that one because it tells you lots of details about the stage of your baby each week, and towards the beginning, tells you how big the baby is. They usually compare it to something tangible like a piece of fruit (lime, grapefruit, etc.). When I was in the early stages with Claire, we would buy that piece of fruit, write 'Baby Hickman' on it in permanent marker and put it on top of the stove ledge in the kitchen as a reminder of how big our little one was. =)


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