31 December, 2010

One last post...

To say from our family:

We hope you have....

a very blessed and......

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas 2010 in pictures

Well by now you've heard the tail of Christmas day, so you know I didn't get all the pictures I'd hoped for, (including any with the kids in their Christmas outfits.) But here are a few:   

{Christmas eve:}

{Christmas morning complete with fevers:}

{The kids with their new pillow pets:}

May I have a rain check please??

I would really like a do-over of Christmas day Please!

I can't?
You mean I have to wait till next year? But it wont be my son's first Christmas or my husband could very well be deployed!
Oh Well!

Yeah so my husband came home from work sick the Tuesday before Christmas and I knew it would turn ugly. I spent the next few days PRAYING that God would either heal the kids and I before we got sick or keep us well until after Christmas...Yeah He had other ideas....

Monkey woke up early Christmas morning with a fever and wanted nothing but to cry on my shoulder all day. Turtle woke up extra whiny and I should have seen the warning bells but I was too busy moping about the fact that my perfectly visioned Christmas morning had been ruined!
Monkey's fever continued to rise throughout the day and we put the whiny 2 yr old down for a early nap. She was oddly asleep in 20 minutes and soon after I could hear her breathing funny and then the moaning sounds she makes when she's sick. I knew immediately we had 2 sick kids on our hands....

She surprisingly had a great nap, despite the fever/sniffles, but by the time she got up in the evening, her little 5 month old brother's fever was almost 103 and after 3 doses of Tylenol throughout the day, did not look like it was breaking anytime soon.
So I made the decision to not be careless mommy and we left for the ER.
Well as typical as life goes for me, my sons fever decided to break a bit while we were on our way to the Hospital, so he was cooler when we checked in. They still ran all of the usual tests and x-ray to make sure all of the normal causes were clear and then waited for results.
 During this almost 3 hour period Monkey was checked in, Turtle started acting less and less like herself and starting feeling hotter to the touch.
I finally got someone to take her temperature and it was 104.4!
We decided to then check her in.
{please note: J's hand is on Monkey's leg, so please don't freak out that we are letting him alone on the bed!!}

2 hours later it was determined she had walking pneumonia! {pneumonia without the symptoms} Weird!!

I woke up the next morning with a nasty head cold, so here we all are, 5 days later, with nastiness still abundant....and I still feel like I am waiting for Christmas morning.

The ironic thing is, which I realized the next day; last year we didn't really celebrate the holiday, I didn't decorate, and just never got into the spirit of things.  See: {Last Year}
We then proceeded to have one of our BEST Christmas's EVER in 2009!

This year, I couldn't wait for the Holiday season to begin! December 1st rolled around; the tree was up, the decorations were out, and I was belting out "O Holy Night!"
Then look what happened!

27 December, 2010

It wouldn't be Christmas.....

.....without a trip to the ER!

Yes, both kids are now doing better, but they both decided to have horrendous fevers on Christmas day that wouldn't break, so we spent 4 and a half hours Christmas evening at the ER.....

~I will update you more later with pics and details of our adventure and hopefully some Christmas eve pics and video. But in the meantime, this momma is now under the weather and I am spending most of my time walking the floor with the little one!

19 December, 2010


If you know me, you know I am not the world's greatest chef or baker and have never claimed to be...
It just has never been my thing. I would MUCH rather be cleaning or organizing than doing anything involving food! I know, I know, I should have my SAHM license removed!

Now don't get me wrong, its not that I have no ability and can't cook/bake whatsoever, its just not something I excel at or prefer doing. 
Although there are a few meals that I think I make pretty well!  

I know people that tackle making hundreds of goodies at Christmas time and while I applaud them, I just don't think I could ever have the time or energy to put into that. On a realistic note, they do make wonderful Christmas gifts and I did enjoy making cookies for our friends and neighbors back in Beaufort every year. But especially with my fussy little guy right now, there is no way I could make up much without extra help.

So enter this year. A few weeks back I picked up some cute little Christmas tree tins for like a dollar and figured this year we'd make Jesus some "birthday cakes." {do you think He'd mind that they are Christmas trees with ornaments on??!} ;)
I baked them yesterday afternoon, (instead of cleaning the showers/bathroom like I was suppose to,) and then actually decided to let Turtle help decorate! 
{That's twice this holiday season I have put my OCD/perfectionism on the back burner and let her help!} ;)

And boy did this little almost 3 year love it!! So far in her "lifetime" the child has not had much sugar and actually turns up her nose to most sweet things, (except chocolate and gummies,) But she was soooooo excited to decorate the chocolate cakes. Too bad she wont eat any....sigh....I guess that just means more for me!

{Just don't tell her Daddy she licked most of them M&M's before putting them on!}



11 December, 2010

Memory lane

One of my most favorite Christmas gifts ever was a 4 and a half minute phone call on Christmas day from my hubby who was at boot camp....it was the first time I had heard his voice in 45 days! (He was so hoarse from drill that I didn't even recognize him!)

~What are some of your best memories/gifts from Christmas?

05 December, 2010

Halls Decked: check

{The nativity ended up on the kitchen counter this year to stay out of reach from little hands:}

{Just the lights}

{pretty good for a free, already wrapped tree don't ya think!}

{Little miss decorating pro:}

{She was absolutely thrilled that I let her help!}

{Little man putting his baby's first Christmas ornament up:}

{He wouldn't let go of the ornament so Daddy could hang it up! lol}

{All done:}

{All 4 stockings, the kids names are on theirs but have been edited out:}

03 December, 2010

Thanksgiving in December?

Ok I know, I am doing my Thanksgiving post after I did my Santa post. So sue me.
I guess I kinda remembered after I had already posted about Santa that I hadn't put up Thanksgiving....whoops! Good thing we can be thankful at any point in the year! ;)

It was kinda special this year, we didn't get to celebrate with anyone, but it was our first attempt at doing our OWN turkey! J got a free one from his regiment and we figured this would be a good year to practice since we wouldn't be ruining anyone else's day if we screwed it up! ;)
J has always wanted to fry our turkey, but we just end up talking about it and saying next year....

I have to be honest, hubby did most of it. I got tips from my brother and Aunties and we started out on our adventure.

Turkey in a bag about to head into the oven:

Baby's first Thanksgiving:

Out of the oven!
Way too much food for 2 people
Mmmmm pies:

"present birthday" {Santa Baby '10}

There are pluses and negatives to military life.
The biggest negative of course is having to say goodbye to your spouse for LONG periods of time, but one of the nice things, is that you do get a lot of cool opportunities and extras. A certain well known shipping company was one of a few companies that donated over 2000 Christmas trees to our regiment and we got to go yesterday to pick one out.

I took some pictures while we were waiting "in line" for Santa, {we found out later it was the wrong line and there was no line for Santa; lol,} but I never got any of hubby carrying the tree that he picked out. By the time we actually got to pick a tree, (they were already pre wrapped so it was just pray and hope that you got a good one,) we had been waiting for 2 hours and both kids were tired and hungry so it was just a mad dash to get out of there.

Waiting "in line":
Turtle has never been a fan of Santa in any of the Christmas's she's experienced thus far and this year was no exception. Monkey surprisingly had no problem sitting with the big guy!

I love this one! Monkey is looking at his sister, "like seriously, whats your problem!":

So our tree is up and decorated, but the pics are still on the camera so they will have to wait for another post!
BTW, "present birthday" is what Turtle calls everything to do with Christmas! I've tried explaining it to her several times, but every time we see lights or something decorated, its "present birthday"!!
I think maybe she knows what she's talking about! ;)

22 November, 2010

Ragged Old Flag

Can't watch this without tears or chills, I LOVE my country!

{my loves}

I did so well blogging last month I was hoping to keep it up through the holidays but its not happening. My headaches have returned and this little boy just isn't growing out of his fussiness anytime soon. Some people may enjoy having a baby that just isn't ready to cut the umbilical cord......I am not one of them!
It wouldn't be too bad I guess If he would just sit and snuggle, but he only wants you to walk the floor....*Sigh*

I love my little boy, but this momma is wearing thin.

On top of that, I am starting my usual "feeling sorry for myself" me around the holidays as everyone talks about their family get togethers. We moved to the west coast to be closer, but its still not going to happen anytime soon.

Also, I would love to say my daughter is completely potty trained but alas she is not. She does pretty well during the day as long as she has loose pants on, but in the evenings she gets too lazy and waits until the last second resulting in accidents. She still is in diapers at night and I know some people are against that because they think it confuses the child, but I pretty sure she knows. Most nights she is dry while wearing them and wakes up to take the diaper off to go pee in the morning. We have tried her without one but she seems to pee in her sleep if we do and I get exhausted washing her sheets and all her blankets all the time, so in the mean time she will still wear them at night. We are already saving sooo much on diapers by having her potty trained during the day, its wonderful!

To counteract my complaining, I am posting 10 things to be thankful for this holiday week:

{my husband, daughter, and son; I may complain about them now and again, but they are my world and I wouldn't know what to do without them!}

{photography: I will never grow tired of looking at artists images and finding new photographers to drool over! To all my friends that are photographers: DON'T ever stop! You inspire me}

{our health: we may not be perfect or without aches and pains, but we don't have terminal illnesses to speak of! To those that do, may God provide you with healing and peace}

{togetherness: we are together as a family (for now) during this holiday season; May God be with the men and women who are away serving our country this season and their families who must celebrate without them}

{our marriage: I don't have enough fingers to count the people we know personally whose marriages fell apart this year. (oh where has the sanctity of marriage gone??) I am so glad I know my husband isn't perfect and never expect him to be and vice versa. Our love and friendship just keeps getting stronger and growing deeper roots!}

{"food and shelter": We have been blessed; Thank you Lord for our home and the ability to clothe and feed our children.}

{the "little things": wanting our son to be born in July; Christmas music; snow in Beaufort on February 12th!; baseball games; College football; spa day (even if my "permanent" hair color only lasted a week); chocolate chip cookies...}

{extended family: (even if they quite often drive us crazy) like a brother that will take a week off work to fly across country to help you move 3000 miles; a mom who will spend every penny she has to fly down to watch your daughter while you have your second child all while missing work for 2 weeks}

{friends: you don't know what you have until its gone: enuf said}


{answered prayers..... whether they be yes or no: PCS orders, the chance our son could have had a chromosomal disorder; husband being here for son's birth; trip to Washington DC; Afghanistan deployment; a trip home;......
May I always remember not my will be done but Thy will be done!}

Here is a quote I read this week that fits this topic:
‎"Be on the lookout for mercies. The more we look for them, the more of them we will see. Blessings brighten when we count them."

Please focus on the blessings in your life, it will change your attitude!

{I will leave you with these, my biggest blessings ever!}: