12 December, 2009

Santa Baby 2009

So last year when we took Turtle to see Santa, she was almost 10 months old and we put her on the ground first to let her "warm up"..... When the store had there camera ready, I quickly placed her on his lamp and they shot this picture....within seconds she was screaming bloody murder! Being the mean mom I am, I was happy that they snapped the picture in time!
Here she is so much happier with mommy afterwards: (sorry for the graininess of the pics, they were prints scanned into the computer.)
This year, because of our lack of celebrating the superficial part of the holiday, I hadn't really planned on hunting down a Santa for her to see, but at the last second this morning, we decided to go to J's shop's Christmas party which was being held in a (very cold) jet hangar.
Playing on a grounding point:
Loving on our Daddy Outside in the freezing cold (ok our version of freezing cold), waiting for Santa to arrive in an F-18. Yes that's right I said F-18! That's how we do it in the Marine Corps!
(And yes, I realize my daughter is not wearing a hat or dressed near as warmly as she should be, but I didn't know they were going to make us wait outside!)
Here he comes!

Oorah Marines! ;)
Waiting in line for the big guy. We figured we'd give it another shot this year!

She all of a sudden noticed Santa was waving to her and stopped dead in her tracks....
....Daddy scooped her up to her protest and brought her over to Santa where she immediately got mad until Santa gave her a book.....
.... Needless to say, our daughter is a sucker for any kind of book, so she let J put her on Santa's knee; all while maintaining a "firm" grip on her Daddy's arm! ;) She kept checking out Santa's coat. I am not sure if that was her way of making sure she didn't look him in the eyes too much, or if she was really interested in it! Of course the child decided to give me a good picture and Santa didn't cooperate! ;)

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  1. oh santa...get with the program, but that is probably the coolest entrance ever!!! beats the mall!!!!...love her little piggies


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