28 November, 2009

Merry "Thankfulness"

Ok you are already asking yourself what does she mean by the title....
And I answer you, I am not quite sure!

I do know that yesterday and today millions of people, if they haven't already, are decorating and getting ready for the Christmas season! There maybe Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, but Thanksgiving is past and they are already on to wish lists, humming of Christmas songs, and the picking out (or unpacking) of the tree!

Well....this year it will be different in the Ramer household.

This has been a hard "career" year for us.

Now there is many a way the word "hard" could be described and I don't want to mislead you!
We have also been blessed beyond means this year, and in no way am I trying to ask for pity.

I wont even go into detail what kind of roller coaster we have been on at this point, but when we rang in the new year this year, we KNEW we wouldn't be in Beaufort, South Carolina much longer. And here, 11 months longer we sit! ;)
We still are not sure what God has been trying to teach us in 2009, some may say patience, but I think its so much more than that.
None of us know what the future holds, and I am not trying to say that our circumstance is unique....

Who am I to question the Almighty's plan....BUT unfortunately I have, MULTIPLE times this year.
I have been a child so much this year asking my Father "But why?" and "Are we there yet?
So many times this year I have tried "telling" Him why it would be better MY way. MY plan seems so perfect and so much better for our well being.

Man sometimes I wonder why God hasn't just given up on mankind altogether! ;)

Which leads me to my post...

Thanksgiving didn't end on Thursday for Marcella, Thanksgiving will continue, (just without the food and extra poundage!) ;)

Now I have absolutely NOTHING against Christmas, I LOVE the holiday! But I know, if I do what I do every year, the negative thoughts of how and where it was "suppose" to be will creep into my mind.
Instead, it will be Merry Thankfulness, I will count my blessings, and it wont end as I have SO much to be thankful for!!

But I will leave you with a question that my older brother and I have been discussing.
When I was a child, my mother would often tell me to not get my hopes up so I wouldn't get disappointed in case particular circumstances didn't happen.

And as Christians we are suppose to have HOPE, because we know where we are going.

But in cases like ours, am I suppose to pray and have hope that we will get orders to California at some point; or am I suppose to just accept it wont happen as to not get "dissapointed"??
I mean I love having hope, I love having something to look forward to and work towards. But I am also human, with feelings, I don't like to be hurt and let down.

So friends please pray with me as this journey continues!
and Merry Thanksgiving!!


  1. I think perhaps an answer to your question isn't choosing one over the other but both. Accept the fact that for right now there is a reason for you still being here. God has a plan and doesn't want you elsewhere right now. All the while keeping an open mind to the possiblity of one day getting new orders. Although they may not come when you want them most, you hold out hope that the day will come when he walks thought the door and says "Honey, we got orders!" Never stop praying for what you want and feel is best for your family. Trust that He will provide it to you in time.

  2. Awesome post Marcella...great insight and perspective...keep it up my friend. I am excited to follow you in this coming year and see where God takes you and your beautiful family :)

  3. I am so proud of you, dear Marcella, for all that you have learned and are now accepting. I was a lot older when I finally started "learning" from all the changes I went and am going through. But today, I started off my day with the expression, "I am loved and have the ability to love". So I can be a happy woman if I choose to focus on the "right" things. And I LOVE your merry thankfulness. For me, I will be forever grateful to God if I let him have control as we get through this holiday wherever we will be celabrating it.


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