01 November, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well last year we didn't celebrate the holiday as we were bringing back daddy from Cherry Point after his return from his deployment in Iraq.

{Eeyore 2008}
But this year we took "Pebbles" to some friends and let her "help" pass out candy!
She actually had the most fun with their dog Ammo who was dressed as a squirrel! {it was adorable!}Getting her treat basket from Miss Lisa!
Knocking on daddy and mommy's door!

Turtle doesn't eat candy (by her own choice,) and really cared less about the treats but she had an absolute blast seeing all the kids and kept trying to get them to come to the yard to play with her!


  1. She makes a very cute Pebbles! I can't believe that she will soon be 2!!

  2. Hilarious! Halle was Pebbles last year too! How warm is it there??? Running around in shorts? I wish!
    Adorable photos :)

  3. It was 85 F the last 2 days but today was cooler! (about 72!) ;)

    Great minds think alike! lol


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