07 November, 2009

2009 USMC MCAS Beaufort birthday ball

In case you don't know a little Marine Corps history, the Marine Corps birthday is on November 10th and every year, the Marine Corps hold balls in honor of the event. It gives the Marines a chance to wear their "dress blues", to show off their wives, and have fun while celebrating the history of the Marine Corps.

Now as of next week, (the 15th,) my husband will have been in the Corps for 5 years, but because of deployments and such, this is actually only the second ball we've been able to attend. In past years, Josh's unit/shop has always held it in a F-18 hanger and it wasn't always the best setting for a "ball" and there was always separate balls for Enlisted and Officers. Well this year after many years of complaining, it was held at the convention center in Savannah, GA with all ranks from MCAS Beaufort! Unfortunately when we went to our first ball 4 years ago, we NEVER had a picture taken of the 2 of us, (and of course I looked a lot better than with NO baby fat.) *sigh*.
This time, I wanted to get a lot of photos, but do to the lighting in the room and the fact that our table was right behind a huge pole that blocked us from the ceremony/dancing floor, I missed any chance to take pictures of the ceremony. {during the ceremony, all the Marines in the room, are standing at attention and you can't exactly run around the room taking snapshots.} But it was still wonderful to attend and such an awesome reminder of how proud I am of my hubby and how honored I am to be a Marine wife!

[On a side note, all of the people in the pictures below are people from Josh's old shop. They are an awesome group of people and he missed not working with them anymore. We had to sit with his new command during the dinner and ceremony, but as soon as it was over, we went over to where everyone from the old shop was and hung out for a bit! Hubby had a blast seeing everyone! It had been awhile!]

On the way to Savannah:

The sunset as we drove:

Our table:

(Never did get a picture of the entree)

The before dinner pic: (hubby always thinks he needs to frown in uniform) ;)
The 234th birthday cake!:

Myself and the beautiful Lisa (who is 8 months pregnant and more in shape than anyone I know, she just looks like she is carrying a basketball in front and THATS ALL!)
Ramer and Tasz:
The way late in the evening pic: (hubby is having a good time and has forgotten he doesn't like to smile in uniform) ;)
Joe and Lisa Giglio {and Baby G):
Giglio & Ramer:

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  1. What is it with the frowing in uniform? Kelly does it too but he just ends up looking goofy! Josh looks so handsome in his dress uniform and you look beautiful! Glad you had a little "grown-up" time, you deserve it! <3


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