09 October, 2009

Southern Fall Evenings

This group of photos were taken on back to back nights while we grilled on the back porch!
We wont miss much about living in the south, but it is nice in the fall when the humidity is down and the weather is not hot but pleasantly warm!
Sometimes I feel people must tire of the never ending supply of pictures of our only offspring thus far....but then again, no one is forcing anyone to look at them! :)

~Nothing makes me melt more than the sight of these two~

~Trusting and patience are things I am having trouble with lately~
*and yes, we love our "Turtles"*

[evening #2: too cool for words]

-Must sign off now, playoffs are calling...


  1. keep them coming.......ohhh marcella....love the pics especially with dad. The last one with her hair so long....she is growing up tooooo fast........how long do we have to wait to see her. sigh....


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