05 October, 2009

Photo shoot

I love pictures, photos, snapshots whatever you want to call them...
I decorate with them, I give them as gifts, and I use them as tools to get to know others. I will spend hours looking at photos of people I don't know, places I've never been, just because I think a photo tells such a tale.

Now I know I can take a decent picture and I have been doing Turtle's portraits for the last year and half and I have done our family photos a couple times with a timer, but I have been wanting a really good family photo shoot done ever since J got back from Iraq. I searched and searched and I would find a local photographer I would sorta like, but their prices were out of our price range and I refuse to use portrait studios in malls or other unmentionable places anymore.

So until now we didn't have it done...
On to the reason for this post...

A photographer who recently moved here and also happens to be married to a Marine, was offering October mini shoot specials and I jumped on the chance. She is a little more vintage and "landscapey" than I like, but she does AMAZING eye work and you know I am a sucker for my husband and daughter's eyes! ;)

This girl is GREAT and if you live here or in Southern California or Jacksonville, NC I highly recommend checking her out! http://www.kathleenamelia.com/

Now after saying all that, I am still not extremely happy with how our shoot turned out and its NOTHING negative towards her.
Its ME.
No matter all the positive things you all can sugar coat and tell me I really don't look all that bad and that I look great. I would change our outfits and there is absolutely NO excuse for the weight I have put on since February. I look absolutely overweight in the pictures and I am so thankful for how great J and Turtles look and how great Katie's work is to help draw way from it a bit!

Anyway, here is a sneak peak at the photos! These are from her blog as she is obviously not done with all of ours yet!


  1. You are a beautiful family...ALL of you!!!!! Don't be to hard on yourself...being a mom is a crazy job and we usually seem to put ourselves last...it's HARD! And, of course, we are hardest on ourselves...we see ten things that everybody else wouldn't even blink at :)
    Be nice to Marcella :) Hugs, megan


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