01 October, 2009

MRI follow up

Sorry all, I meant to get on here last night and let everyone know the results of my MRI/follow up, but things (days) don't always work out how we plan and my life was put on the back burner as more urgent things came about. BUT we'll get to that later as I have held you all off long enough.

Obviously I am not dying as my family's reactions on facebook/myspace update would have probably been a lot different the last 24 hours, (I would hope so anyway!)
My MRI came back totally clear, as in what my older brother has been saying all these years is true, I have no brain what-so-ever! ;) Could be what is causing those severe headaches, all that empty space is making for some severe echos! ;)
Anyway we knew there wouldn't be a problem, but we just wanted to do a double check to be sure.
Because of my nerve problems and continued headaches, the next step is neurology.
We haven't scheduled anything yet in hopes that the orders come through, but if they don't, a referral will be put through here instead of the next duty station.

On a praise note, my BP was only 115/78! That is the lowest it has been since we have been monitoring it on a frequent basis since 2005.

All in all, my doctor understands that this isn't something that was created overnight. The hypertension is partly hereditary and mostly anxiety caused and anxiety is something I have battled from the time I was our daughter's age.
Yes, that is young!
I am not excusing it whatsoever, but when it is so deeply engrained in my life, it is going to take some time to work out and start over. Who needs a stroke or heart attack at 28???

On to other things, I need to request urgent prayer for my family! Regardless if they get mad at me for posting this, they need prayer.
My dad has had a seriously high fever for over a week but had not gone to see anyone because of their limited income and health insurance. (For those that don't know their situation, my dad had a stroke last year and has been without steady income since. My mom is going to school and working 2 part time jobs to help out.) After pleading from close friends, they finally got him in yesterday to see a doctor only to find out he has a pretty good case of pneumonia.
Please just pray that God will quickly heal him and that it wont turn into anything more serious! Please also pray for their "perseverance" (word I am choosing to use.)

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  1. whoah marcella...everyone has a story, heh? A clear MRI is always a good thing, and hopefully a neuro consult will follow soon. Praises for the low BP (it's a great one) and prayers for your Papa :)


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