05 October, 2009

How time "travels"!

I meant to put this post up a couple weeks ago and forgot with all the appointments and such.

This first photo was taken last November 6 days after J got back from Iraq when "one" of us forgot to close the door to Sydney's kennel. She crawled in there on her own and thought it was the coolest thing ever! I snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook much to the disgust of my mother, (she thought it was way too dirty a place for her grandaughter to be hanging out!) ;) This next two were taken a few weeks ago when my child decided to take her snack in there when Sydney's blankets were being laundered and the kennel had been cleaned! I then laughed to myself after this picture was downloaded, that most people keep track of their children's growth by a chart, or a wall and here we are, taking similar pictures in the dog's kennel! :)
I have to add that none of these were staged, our child is really that goofy!


  1. HA! Love the comparison ....she is a gorgeous girl Marcella :)

  2. Thanks for posting. Aurelia is so cute and growing up tooo fast!!!

  3. Its ok Auntie Jocelyn, *sigh*, you will get to meet her someday!

  4. yeah, love the comparison too. love how you can comment and communicate with Megan, since she is Kellys cousin and you are Dustins hopefully you can meet her someday for real.
    One day i know we will HUG Aurelia for REAL.......sigh.


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