26 October, 2009

Go Yankees!!

Ok, I know most of you that read this could care less about sports and I haven't posted in awhile and you are wondering why I choose to come out of the quiet with a post like this....but if you know me well, you know that sports, especially baseball are a HUGE part of our lives!!

 In fact, Josh and I's first date was at a baseball game!

Now mind you, our two favorite baseball teams are like one of the biggest rivalries in sports EVER so it can cause a lot of "friction" come August/September! But it makes for a fun marriage and friendship!
This year both our teams made it to the playoffs, but hubbies team didn't make it past the first round! (hehehe) AND my team has made it to the Word Series!!
The final series starts Wednesday at 7:57pm EST and I am super excited! ;)

Mind you, this part of the year can be the most exciting and the most depressing for me! The most exciting for me because of all the sports options and the excitement and build up for the fall classic....but also the most depressing as it means baseball will be over in just a week and a half, and I have to go until March before spring training starts!

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  1. Have fun watching!! Its good to have a post to read, keep them coming, i love them no matter the topic. So excited to get that picture.....
    love ya


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