30 October, 2009

Fall portraits 2009

I was planning on doing family portraits later on, closer to Turtle's bday, but because I didn't get exactly what I wanted out of our photo shoot with the photographer, I decided to go ahead and do our portraits.
{For those that don't know, I take these myself with a good old bed sheet as a backdrop!}

She really didn't want to participate this time and I didn't get as many as I wanted of just her, but a few turned out great!

My favorite of her:

My FAVORITE out of all of them!!!:
The one we tried to take outside with Syd but she kept trying to wander off so it wasn't successful!:

26 October, 2009

Go Yankees!!

Ok, I know most of you that read this could care less about sports and I haven't posted in awhile and you are wondering why I choose to come out of the quiet with a post like this....but if you know me well, you know that sports, especially baseball are a HUGE part of our lives!!

 In fact, Josh and I's first date was at a baseball game!

Now mind you, our two favorite baseball teams are like one of the biggest rivalries in sports EVER so it can cause a lot of "friction" come August/September! But it makes for a fun marriage and friendship!
This year both our teams made it to the playoffs, but hubbies team didn't make it past the first round! (hehehe) AND my team has made it to the Word Series!!
The final series starts Wednesday at 7:57pm EST and I am super excited! ;)

Mind you, this part of the year can be the most exciting and the most depressing for me! The most exciting for me because of all the sports options and the excitement and build up for the fall classic....but also the most depressing as it means baseball will be over in just a week and a half, and I have to go until March before spring training starts!

09 October, 2009

Southern Fall Evenings

This group of photos were taken on back to back nights while we grilled on the back porch!
We wont miss much about living in the south, but it is nice in the fall when the humidity is down and the weather is not hot but pleasantly warm!
Sometimes I feel people must tire of the never ending supply of pictures of our only offspring thus far....but then again, no one is forcing anyone to look at them! :)

~Nothing makes me melt more than the sight of these two~

~Trusting and patience are things I am having trouble with lately~
*and yes, we love our "Turtles"*

[evening #2: too cool for words]

-Must sign off now, playoffs are calling...

05 October, 2009

How time "travels"!

I meant to put this post up a couple weeks ago and forgot with all the appointments and such.

This first photo was taken last November 6 days after J got back from Iraq when "one" of us forgot to close the door to Sydney's kennel. She crawled in there on her own and thought it was the coolest thing ever! I snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook much to the disgust of my mother, (she thought it was way too dirty a place for her grandaughter to be hanging out!) ;) This next two were taken a few weeks ago when my child decided to take her snack in there when Sydney's blankets were being laundered and the kennel had been cleaned! I then laughed to myself after this picture was downloaded, that most people keep track of their children's growth by a chart, or a wall and here we are, taking similar pictures in the dog's kennel! :)
I have to add that none of these were staged, our child is really that goofy!

Photo shoot

I love pictures, photos, snapshots whatever you want to call them...
I decorate with them, I give them as gifts, and I use them as tools to get to know others. I will spend hours looking at photos of people I don't know, places I've never been, just because I think a photo tells such a tale.

Now I know I can take a decent picture and I have been doing Turtle's portraits for the last year and half and I have done our family photos a couple times with a timer, but I have been wanting a really good family photo shoot done ever since J got back from Iraq. I searched and searched and I would find a local photographer I would sorta like, but their prices were out of our price range and I refuse to use portrait studios in malls or other unmentionable places anymore.

So until now we didn't have it done...
On to the reason for this post...

A photographer who recently moved here and also happens to be married to a Marine, was offering October mini shoot specials and I jumped on the chance. She is a little more vintage and "landscapey" than I like, but she does AMAZING eye work and you know I am a sucker for my husband and daughter's eyes! ;)

This girl is GREAT and if you live here or in Southern California or Jacksonville, NC I highly recommend checking her out! http://www.kathleenamelia.com/

Now after saying all that, I am still not extremely happy with how our shoot turned out and its NOTHING negative towards her.
Its ME.
No matter all the positive things you all can sugar coat and tell me I really don't look all that bad and that I look great. I would change our outfits and there is absolutely NO excuse for the weight I have put on since February. I look absolutely overweight in the pictures and I am so thankful for how great J and Turtles look and how great Katie's work is to help draw way from it a bit!

Anyway, here is a sneak peak at the photos! These are from her blog as she is obviously not done with all of ours yet!

01 October, 2009

MRI follow up

Sorry all, I meant to get on here last night and let everyone know the results of my MRI/follow up, but things (days) don't always work out how we plan and my life was put on the back burner as more urgent things came about. BUT we'll get to that later as I have held you all off long enough.

Obviously I am not dying as my family's reactions on facebook/myspace update would have probably been a lot different the last 24 hours, (I would hope so anyway!)
My MRI came back totally clear, as in what my older brother has been saying all these years is true, I have no brain what-so-ever! ;) Could be what is causing those severe headaches, all that empty space is making for some severe echos! ;)
Anyway we knew there wouldn't be a problem, but we just wanted to do a double check to be sure.
Because of my nerve problems and continued headaches, the next step is neurology.
We haven't scheduled anything yet in hopes that the orders come through, but if they don't, a referral will be put through here instead of the next duty station.

On a praise note, my BP was only 115/78! That is the lowest it has been since we have been monitoring it on a frequent basis since 2005.

All in all, my doctor understands that this isn't something that was created overnight. The hypertension is partly hereditary and mostly anxiety caused and anxiety is something I have battled from the time I was our daughter's age.
Yes, that is young!
I am not excusing it whatsoever, but when it is so deeply engrained in my life, it is going to take some time to work out and start over. Who needs a stroke or heart attack at 28???

On to other things, I need to request urgent prayer for my family! Regardless if they get mad at me for posting this, they need prayer.
My dad has had a seriously high fever for over a week but had not gone to see anyone because of their limited income and health insurance. (For those that don't know their situation, my dad had a stroke last year and has been without steady income since. My mom is going to school and working 2 part time jobs to help out.) After pleading from close friends, they finally got him in yesterday to see a doctor only to find out he has a pretty good case of pneumonia.
Please just pray that God will quickly heal him and that it wont turn into anything more serious! Please also pray for their "perseverance" (word I am choosing to use.)