05 August, 2009

Virginia to see daddy at last!!

So after a very long 6 weeks, Turtle and I packed up the car and headed back up to Virginia to spend a few days with daddy and watch him "graduate"!
I think the 6 weeks with a 17 month old was almost as hard as the first nine months with her by myself! I was so emotionally exhausted and just needed to be able to rest in my hubby's arms!!
We went up there on Saturday July 11th, and made good timing and just went out to dinner and enjoyed relaxing as a family in the evening. On Sunday, our only full day together up there, we did the one thing the J&M Ramer family knows how to do best: we hit Virginia Beach and went mini golfing (putt-putt) at 3 different places!!
A bad storm came in, so we didn't get to do the rest and just spent the humid evening on the hotel.
After deployments, mini or long, I tend to get sick as my body finally relaxes and tends to give up! So most of the time up there, I was not feeling well which continued until after we got home. But any military wife can tell you, we would rather be sick and have our spouse home, then be well and be without them!
On Monday, J had to go to his last day of school, so T and I headed out in the morning to burn off some energy at the NEX and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the hotel room until J got home.

Graduation Day!!! Or I should say morning!
Turtle never sleeps well in hotels, so at this point along with being sick, I just felt like a walking zombie. Graduation was at 9 in the morning at the classroom. J had to be there early as usual, so Turtle and I met him at the school at 845.
I should have brought my zoom lens as family members had to sit in the very back and it was slightly dark in the room, so my pics turned out horribly.
A pic of our tired worn out, but finally together family!!
After graduation, we left for Virginia Beach again and finished the mini golf courses we didn't get to the other day, did a little window shopping and then went to the Virginia Beach Aquarium that is near Oceana Naval Base. On the outside this thing is huge, so it looked like there was gonna be a lot to see, but we were NOT impressed.
Most of the place was under renovation and there was a lot of wasted space where there could of been more exhibits. Needless to say, there was a good sized turtle exhibit so it wasn't a total waist of money. ;)
 I just had the point and shoot camera with me, but here are a couple of pics:

We didnt get to go to it, but also near the aquarium there is a HUGE water park with slides, wave pools and everything! Something to keep in mind if we are there again!
On another note, if you live on the east coast and are looking for a great place to vacation, there is a never ending amount of family fun in Virginia Beach!!

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