23 June, 2009

Blogging/ Changes

I realized I hadn't posted in awhile! I check my dashboard most days as I Love following the lives of so many people, but sometimes I just feel blah and I am afraid that if I write a blog during those times it will come out.
Most of you that follow me on here, also are on Facebook or Myspace so you are aware of the happenings in our lives so you understand.
Since January we have been on a major roller coaster concerning our future and it seems like every time we get over a major hill, there is another huge one there taunting us with it's massiveness!
In case you aren't aware Josh is finally at school/training in Virginia. We left on June 6th to take him up, and Turtle and I returned on the 8th to a lonely house. Its not that long though, and even though there are moments where I want to run into the bathroom and scream, I know it will be over soon and he will be back home to relieve me of my 24/7 parenting duties.

I have been in deep thought lately: (nothing else to do)
I know that a HUGE chapter of our lives is coming to a close, and even though we still have no idea where the next is yet to take place, I feel major change coming and I do believe we are ready for it!
I also have been thinking a lot about the sanctity of marriage lately.
Now don't go calling the gossip line, we are doing fine!
But I look all around, and there are VERY FEW couples I look to as an example lately. In the military it is especially hard to find! But yet in the civilian world, you cant find anyone that can understand what you have to deal with.
When did marriage become about "me" instead of "we/us"? When did people's selfish ambitions take over the best thing for the family? Why do so many Godly people have screwed up children? I love God with all of my heart and I know that I have a lot more work to do in my Christian walk, but I am having A LOT of trouble with churches lately! The drama is all stuff I've known about it the past but never let it get to me until now.
I would rather have no friends than a bunch of fake ones. Someone I recently met said the other day, that you find out who your true friends are when you move away. I agreed and said, and then after that, you should be more picky about who you choose as friends. I finally have gotten to the point where I can't "babysit" friendships anymore. I can't keep involved in one-sided relationships. I am exhausted!
I am not saying I have the right attitude, but where have all the GENUINE people gone? Where have all the great marriages gone? And why are theses things missing from Houses of Worship? aka church???

See, this is why I am not suppose to blog when I am feeling blah! ;)

Why in this outrageous era of technology have we lost our ability to communicate? ME ME ME, it's all about me.

Take for instance the housing community we live in; the residents have been begging for years to replace the a/c units and remodel the inside of the houses to make them safer and up to date.
So what do they do? Come along and spend a ton of money to remodel the outside of the houses. Who cares whats inside as long as the outside looks good!

Well I could vent for hours about numerous topics but I am most worried about marriage lately. Its not 50/50, it 100/100! Go safeproof your marriage and think more about what your spouse wants and less about what you want! PRAY!

P.S. On a personal note, keep praying we get our orders soon and that they will be for the west coast!