05 May, 2009

No, baby #2 is NOT on the way...

The post has come about because of way too many happenings lately, and I am starting to get a "little" annoyed.

I am not really sure were to start, but I must warn you, there is some ranting on the way!

First of all, I spent my daughter's first 9 months of her life, raising her BY MYSELF! I am still dealing with some issues left over from that and things in the past, and the WORST possible thing right now, would be to bring another blessing into this world where I couldn't nurture it the way I would want to!
Second, why is it, that when you have only been married for a short time, people start to ask and get impatient for you to have kids right away? I think that is one of the worst things for a marriage! You as a couple need to develop your lives as a married couple for awhile before you start having kids. (This is my opinion and what I think works the best for us, I realize that other people have different opinions and that is PERFECTLY fine!)
Then on the same subject, why is it, that as soon as your child turns 1, people start to ask when #2 is on the way? Again, others may have different opinions, but I believe there should be at least a 2 and 1/2 year gap between kids.
Children grow up WAY too fast, and there should be enough time to spend with them while you have the chance. Now I realize there are situations with "surprise" pregnancies, but if y'all haven't figured out what causes that, well um! lol
SO I am sure I have offended some people with some of my comments, but well this is my blog and I am not making u read it!
Thirdly, this whole thing came about because I have put on a little weight lately and I have a pooch that is bringing some pregnancy whispers.
I gained 43 pounds in pregnancy, worked my butt off all last summer which resulted in loosing 45 pounds and I was extremely proud of myself. Well my husband got back, and I never left the house much during the day, so my weight loss kinda halted but that was ok. UNTIL January of this year! NO ONE warned me to be careful when I weaned Turtle. I had forgotten that she was taking a buttload of calories and that when I weaned her, the weight was gonna all of a sudden, just pack on like crazy!
I gained 12 lbs and along with some VERY delayed post partum depression, the last few months have been a nightmare! But that is a whole different blog and I have gotten off the subject at hand!

Yes, we are planning to have more kids, but I am NOT currently pregnant and with more "military caused" separation coming up this summer and a hopefully a move, I don't think bringing another baby into the world is a smart idea right now....

Yes, it took a little while to get pregnant with #1, but I am not worried about that for future pregnancies. God is ultimately in control of the whole process anyway!


  1. First off I would like to comment on your poundage and people.. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not skinny by any means.. and have a major pouch from Gabriel... but when I wear a jacket to cover up my insecurity... everyone whispers and asks sooo when are you going to have #2.. Ugh.. their nice way of asking are you fat or pregnant.. UGHHHHH!!!!!

    second... I hear you with the depression.. I had it really bad too.. email me to talk about what I took to help.. if you want.. second.. you are a rockin' woman and I am so happy that you've done as well as you have with out help! I think when the time is right and you decided to have #2 it will be amazing!!! I can't wait to read the blog when that time comes.. but love reading your blog just the way it is now!!! :) much love, hugs and kisses!!!

    Keep up the good work my love!

  2. I am so with you on people needing to keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves. My first two kids were 3 1/2 years apart. I always thought that the "right" thing was to have 2 years between kids and when it was time to start trying I felt guilty that I wasn't ready but when the time was right I was really ready. I know my sisters both had babies close together (one had three in four years and the other had two a year apart) and they both missed out on being able to just enjoy each child individually.

    I'm sorry about the depression. I can't imagine being on your own like you were. I think (from my own experience) that we kind of shut down emotionally and just go through the motions to get through each day until they come home and when they do there is all this stuff that we have held in for so long and it's overwhelming. Take your time and work through it, talk to someone if you need to.

    I actually had someone ask me when my baby was due while I was holding my less-than-one-year old. I was thinking that I looked pretty good and she just destroyed any self-confidence that I had managed to build. You look great, just keep working on it (that's what I'm trying to do) and know that you're not alone!


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