19 May, 2009

2009 Beaufort Air show

So this past weekend was the Beaufort Air Show held at the Air Station. It featured the Blue Angels and after what happened 2 years ago at the last air show, it brought a lot of spectators. We also conceived our daughter 2 weeks after the last one, so that was a good memory also! ;)
I selfishly wanted to go again this year, but my husband reminded me it would be too loud for Turtle, so I just used my awesome lens to snap what I could see from our house. (Which is about 3 miles from the air station.) I would have loved to get closer up ones of the actual acrobatics, but I will be satisfied with these for now!

In this one, they are directly above the air station:
I love how you can actually see their heads in this shot!: (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

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