20 April, 2009

A "Cella"

I need a "Cella"....
And I know that most of you reading this will be confused by that statement, but I am in desperate need of one!!
You see, I was a Cella, in fact I was thee Cella! ;)
Oh yes there were other "models" back in the day, but I am referring to me being a responsible baby/child sitter or heck, just being an extra hand to fold some laundry or doing some vacuuming.
I know whenever people bring their own children into the world, they are always going to be leery of who watches there kids, but I am EXTRA leery. I think because of my many years of babysitting, I have high expectations of what a baby sitter SHOULD be.

Our daughter is 15 months old and we have NEVER had a baby sitter. We have done a couple of trade offs with some friends of ours here that have kids also, but that was 2 hours at the most and it has only been couple times.
We don't even have the luxury of dropping her off at a grandparents house; (heck she has only even met 1 of her 5 grandparents and none of her aunt & uncles. Except for a great aunt & uncle!)
My point in all of this, it's really starting to wear on us, especially ME. Not only that, she just came out of like a 4 week period of being sick with something or cutting 2 teeth, including her first molar, and she's back to being EXTREMELY clingy to me again.
Josh just started some leave last week so that is helping me out a little during the day, but I have had WAY too many meltdowns lately. I think the 9 months he was gone really put me too close to the boiling point and I just haven't recovered.
Now I am sure there are many people, especially military wives, that are reading this and telling me to get over it, but I have tried.
Then people tell me to leave Turtle with Josh and go do something, but I have NOTHING to do by myself and I don't want to!!
I just want someone older, mature, and RESPONSIBLE to come to our house and watch her once in awhile.... Is that too much to ask?? Our families live 3000 miles away and money doesn't grow on trees. I cant fly home every time I need a break!

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  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how I wish so much we lived close to one another... I feel the same way!!!! My house is a mess... I WANT TO CLEAN IT but when I go to clean it, Gabriel wants to help... SO sweet, BUT it take five times longer to clean. I want to sit and do crafts.. BUT with our wacky times of bed because of Seth's work.. he goes to bed the same time as us... When he does take a nap.. I try to clean the best I can. But also just want to sit and veg out on some stupid tv and not kids tv. I have only had Gabriel watched once by Seth's mom... and it was for an hour... I barely ever leave Gabe with Seth... I go to craft store or market and come home. I don't know what to do with my self either... I want a break but at the same time don't feel like I can trust anyone... I want a break with him in the next room with someone else that I can TRUST.. Ugh.. I wish you lived here... I would be more then HAPPY to have the kids here to play while you got a break and visa versa!!!!! MISS YOU!!!!!


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