02 April, 2009

4 more years!!!

Oh MY goodness!!! I think the stress started when we got word that Josh was going to Iraq, cuz we still didnt know what we wanted to do and we were 6 weeks away from being parents. Then when she arrived and the realization of it all hit us, we decided to have him re-enlist over there; (Iraq.)
Weeeeeeeeeell, stuff never works out the way we planned and he couldn't re-enlist for what he wanted over there, so then we decided to get out. That lasted for a very short time and he tried to re-enlist for CID here.
Weelllllllllllllllll, again things just didn't flow right and 2 weeks before Christmas we thought we were coming home again. But then, thoughts and ideas started flowing through our brain and we thought about our daughter and thought about what we wanted out of life, and so over Christmas/New Years, we decided to give it one more try!
HAHAHA again, why would anything work on OUR timeline! Well lets just say after 4 very stressful months and 3 extensions, 2 decals, 2 passes, and 4 ID cards, Josh re-enlisted at 0805 this morning!!!

No we don't know when and where we are moving, but hey, at least we have a paycheck and a place to live!!

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