25 March, 2009

Florida trip Yankee spring training

So a longtime dream finally came true for me!
We were down in Florida at the beginning of March for my uncle's 50th and we decided to go to a spring training game!!
My husband decided to sacrifice his dislike of the Yankees for me and so we went to one of of there games in Tampa!! Unfortunately some of there main players were off playing in the WBC, but we still had a blast!
Here are a few pics:

Jorge Posada:
My favorite pitcher Andy Pettitte:

Spring Easter photo shoot 2009

12 March, 2009

A painful wake up call

Back at the end of January, I found a friend on Facebook who I was extremely close with in elementary school. We were part of a group that was almost inseparable during our grade school years.
I, of course leaving for home schooling and private school, (after elementary,) lost contact with most people, so I was excited to see her on here.
After a couple days of being her “friend” on Facebook, I received a message from her saying thank you for looking me up, but since we don’t share the same political views and religious views, we can’t be friends.
Needless to say, I was very shocked by the message and more hurt than expected. It just kind of ate away at me, and even though my husband told me to let it go, that it meant it was her loss, I just couldn’t shake the “snub”.
Now don’t get me wrong, I have loads of people that don’t agree with my views, (especially with my husband being a United States Marine,) but usually if they are friends, we just agree to disagree or have friendly “discussions“. But this situation bothered me to the CORE and I couldn’t let it go.
Here was someone that I considered a very close friend in grade school, and didn’t even say “hi, how ya doing, or so great to see you!” It was just a “cold” I don’t agree with you, so I want nothing to do with you. (in my mind anyway).
The story doesn’t end there, in fact I hope this story doesn’t end ever, but anyways……
Well, as the weeks went by, I didn’t let it bother me quite as much, but it was still there in the back of mind, eating away at me. I happened to notice a group that another friend of mine joined.(on Facebook.)
And I said, hmm, I wonder what’s that all about.
Well since this “short” back story is turning into a novel, to put a long story short, this “former” friends brother was killed in a freak accident. I didn’t know immediately that it was this girl’s brother, but I had a extreme sick feeling that it was him and it took some researching to clarify it.
My heart just hurt. That sick feeling wont go away. I can’t let it go.
As I sat dwelling on this, the evil part of me wanted to say, well, what do I care? I obviously didn’t mean enough to her. But I couldn’t let that take over, cuz that’s why the whole situation affected me that deeply.

I will hurt for her, I will love her, I will pray for her, because I care!

HMMMM, then the big picture hit,
Isn’t this what God has done for thousands of years when we cared less about HIM. Loving us, Hurting for us, praying for us, and hoping that one day we will find that PEACE in our hearts…. Now if only I can do the same...