25 January, 2009

"Happy Birthday to You!!"

So the party was a success and I can't believe this first year was over! I know everyone always tells you to enjoy it while you can cuz they grow so fast, but I have to admit with the year we had, I couldn't wait to have it pass. Even with her attitude, she really is the sweetest little girl and we are SO blessed to have her "lent" to us!
The party didn't really have a plan, but I realized this year, that when I don't plan stuff out perfectly, it always works out great, cuz I don't have some perfect expectation to live up to!

The cake was a whole another adventure! The grocery bakeries around here, were less than helpful, so at the last minute, I ended up buying a plain white confetti cake and decorating it with the little bit of turtle stuff I could find!

She really didn't get as messy as we thought she would, she just kinda picked at it! ;)

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