20 December, 2009

The "adventure" continues.....

...And what adventure is it you might ask;

the adventure of parenting.... ;)(take note of the "big sister's" shirt)


Gotcha! ;)

Bet that was not a Christmas surprise that you were expecting.

Ok so now the questions start pouring in...Is it true? When are due? How far along are you? When did you find out? Was it planned or a surprise? Are you going to find out?


Before I start answering questions, let me give you a little back story.(you can skim through if you don't want to hear my rambling)

Ever since our daughter turned 1, people starting asking if we were gonna have more kids and when. My answer was yes, but not for awhile. Raising our daughter by myself for the first 9 months really wore me out and the thought have having to do it all over again, kinda scared me a bit! I was suffering from delayed post partum depression when my husband returned and I just wanted to adjust to having him home and not even think about parenting ANOTHER child.

Even when I started putting on some extra weight this last spring, people were asking me if I was pregnant again, and it seemed the more they asked, the less I wanted to have another one anytime soon.
Especially with the tough year we were having regarding the military and our future, it made me want to stick even harder to my decision to not get pregnant again any time soon.

Then all of a sudden at the end of July, some little voices starting whispering in my ear...I don't know where they came from....they just showed up. I told Josh about my idea and he looked at me like I was crazy cuz he knew how worn out I had been the last 18 months. After some prayer and some "discussions" with God, we made a decision. I would go off BC in August and we would see what would happen.
Now if you aren't familiar with our our first pregnancy, it took us a year to get pregnant with Turtle, so I didn't really expect anything to happen right away, especially with us not necessarily trying. Wellllll, God had other ideas! :)

In October, without going into "personal" details ;), I just had a feeling within a week, that I was pregnant. I was going to wait until I would have been officially 4 weeks, to take a home test, but I couldn't. The excitement and wonderment took over and at 3.5 weeks, I took a test and had a positive result!! I was kind of a little anxious at first, (you don't always get a positive that early until your hormones are higher,) that it might be twins, but that was squelched at 10 wks when we had an ultrasound! {although hubby is still not so sure, he thinks he saw something that the doc didn't catch} ;)

Anyway, needless to say, even though I have been a lot more sick and fatigued so far in this pregnancy, I am very excited for this new little miracle. I admit, every once in awhile, when Aurelia is running my patience very thin, I ask myself why I am having another one! But I know God will give me the ability to handle things as they come!

Now, on to the fun stuff!

We are due July 6th, which puts me at 12 weeks along!

Here is a pic of the little miracle at 10 wks:

Now some may ask, why we are just now telling people. IT is our thing, we did the same with the first pregnancy. In fact, don't feel like you were left out, family was JUST told this week also. We just don't share the news until we are 12 wks along.

Yes, we are planning on finding out what the sex is. We weren't going to with the first one, but at the last second, I changed my mind, we found out, but we didn't tell anyone!

This time, we will probably tell everyone!

Now that I am sure I have probably talked your ear off, I do have a few prayer requests before I let you go!

First of all, my health! Before we went off BC, we talked it over with my doctor and she at that point put me on a blood pressure medicine that was safe for pregnancy in case we got pregnant.

Although, when we did find I was pregnant, I had major qualms about being on a medication(never ended up being put on one when I was pregs with Turtle.) But after talking to several doctors who all assured me it wouldn't hurt the baby, but be better for the both of us, I finally relented and left it in God's hands. So far even with the BP meds, my BP has been high, but my normal high so nothing that the pregnancy is causing.

In the first few weeks, my headaches were almost gone, but now the pregnancy headaches have started in, and along with my normal headaches, the last cpl weeks have been tough again. I have also been given a medication for them that is safe for pregnancy, but I hate taking it, and only do so when the particular headache is more than I can bear. SO please pray that my headaches wont be too unbearable and that we can control my BP as to not let preeclampsia set in.

Second of all, please pray for my dear husband. Especially in the first few weeks where I was sick and had NO energy, he has been having to do A LOT of daddy AND mommy stuff. So far he has been a champ, but just pray that he will be able to adjust to this "new role" of having to help mommy out so much more!

And for Turtle, hopefully she wont be "scarred" ;) too much for being told to go watch her movies too many times so that mommy can get some extra rest!

Lastly, the broken record that you have heard so many times this year....we would really like to be settled on the west coast before this next one comes. I fear as usual, that J will be deployed soon after this one comes, and I would rather not have to deal with 2 little ones by myself without help this time.

And since I have now talked your ear off for what seems to be an hour! ;)

I will sign off by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We hope you are spending it with ones you love!

Love, the Ramers: Josh, Marcella, Turtle, and Baby #2

12 December, 2009

Santa Baby 2009

So last year when we took Turtle to see Santa, she was almost 10 months old and we put her on the ground first to let her "warm up"..... When the store had there camera ready, I quickly placed her on his lamp and they shot this picture....within seconds she was screaming bloody murder! Being the mean mom I am, I was happy that they snapped the picture in time!
Here she is so much happier with mommy afterwards: (sorry for the graininess of the pics, they were prints scanned into the computer.)
This year, because of our lack of celebrating the superficial part of the holiday, I hadn't really planned on hunting down a Santa for her to see, but at the last second this morning, we decided to go to J's shop's Christmas party which was being held in a (very cold) jet hangar.
Playing on a grounding point:
Loving on our Daddy Outside in the freezing cold (ok our version of freezing cold), waiting for Santa to arrive in an F-18. Yes that's right I said F-18! That's how we do it in the Marine Corps!
(And yes, I realize my daughter is not wearing a hat or dressed near as warmly as she should be, but I didn't know they were going to make us wait outside!)
Here he comes!

Oorah Marines! ;)
Waiting in line for the big guy. We figured we'd give it another shot this year!

She all of a sudden noticed Santa was waving to her and stopped dead in her tracks....
....Daddy scooped her up to her protest and brought her over to Santa where she immediately got mad until Santa gave her a book.....
.... Needless to say, our daughter is a sucker for any kind of book, so she let J put her on Santa's knee; all while maintaining a "firm" grip on her Daddy's arm! ;) She kept checking out Santa's coat. I am not sure if that was her way of making sure she didn't look him in the eyes too much, or if she was really interested in it! Of course the child decided to give me a good picture and Santa didn't cooperate! ;)

28 November, 2009

Merry "Thankfulness"

Ok you are already asking yourself what does she mean by the title....
And I answer you, I am not quite sure!

I do know that yesterday and today millions of people, if they haven't already, are decorating and getting ready for the Christmas season! There maybe Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, but Thanksgiving is past and they are already on to wish lists, humming of Christmas songs, and the picking out (or unpacking) of the tree!

Well....this year it will be different in the Ramer household.

This has been a hard "career" year for us.

Now there is many a way the word "hard" could be described and I don't want to mislead you!
We have also been blessed beyond means this year, and in no way am I trying to ask for pity.

I wont even go into detail what kind of roller coaster we have been on at this point, but when we rang in the new year this year, we KNEW we wouldn't be in Beaufort, South Carolina much longer. And here, 11 months longer we sit! ;)
We still are not sure what God has been trying to teach us in 2009, some may say patience, but I think its so much more than that.
None of us know what the future holds, and I am not trying to say that our circumstance is unique....

Who am I to question the Almighty's plan....BUT unfortunately I have, MULTIPLE times this year.
I have been a child so much this year asking my Father "But why?" and "Are we there yet?
So many times this year I have tried "telling" Him why it would be better MY way. MY plan seems so perfect and so much better for our well being.

Man sometimes I wonder why God hasn't just given up on mankind altogether! ;)

Which leads me to my post...

Thanksgiving didn't end on Thursday for Marcella, Thanksgiving will continue, (just without the food and extra poundage!) ;)

Now I have absolutely NOTHING against Christmas, I LOVE the holiday! But I know, if I do what I do every year, the negative thoughts of how and where it was "suppose" to be will creep into my mind.
Instead, it will be Merry Thankfulness, I will count my blessings, and it wont end as I have SO much to be thankful for!!

But I will leave you with a question that my older brother and I have been discussing.
When I was a child, my mother would often tell me to not get my hopes up so I wouldn't get disappointed in case particular circumstances didn't happen.

And as Christians we are suppose to have HOPE, because we know where we are going.

But in cases like ours, am I suppose to pray and have hope that we will get orders to California at some point; or am I suppose to just accept it wont happen as to not get "dissapointed"??
I mean I love having hope, I love having something to look forward to and work towards. But I am also human, with feelings, I don't like to be hurt and let down.

So friends please pray with me as this journey continues!
and Merry Thanksgiving!!

11 November, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!

There is not much else to say on this post but to the Veterans: THANK YOU to all who have served and all who are currently serving {and to my favorite Marine}, there will never be a big enough thank you for what you have sacrificed! Freedom isn't free!!

07 November, 2009

2009 USMC MCAS Beaufort birthday ball

In case you don't know a little Marine Corps history, the Marine Corps birthday is on November 10th and every year, the Marine Corps hold balls in honor of the event. It gives the Marines a chance to wear their "dress blues", to show off their wives, and have fun while celebrating the history of the Marine Corps.

Now as of next week, (the 15th,) my husband will have been in the Corps for 5 years, but because of deployments and such, this is actually only the second ball we've been able to attend. In past years, Josh's unit/shop has always held it in a F-18 hanger and it wasn't always the best setting for a "ball" and there was always separate balls for Enlisted and Officers. Well this year after many years of complaining, it was held at the convention center in Savannah, GA with all ranks from MCAS Beaufort! Unfortunately when we went to our first ball 4 years ago, we NEVER had a picture taken of the 2 of us, (and of course I looked a lot better than with NO baby fat.) *sigh*.
This time, I wanted to get a lot of photos, but do to the lighting in the room and the fact that our table was right behind a huge pole that blocked us from the ceremony/dancing floor, I missed any chance to take pictures of the ceremony. {during the ceremony, all the Marines in the room, are standing at attention and you can't exactly run around the room taking snapshots.} But it was still wonderful to attend and such an awesome reminder of how proud I am of my hubby and how honored I am to be a Marine wife!

[On a side note, all of the people in the pictures below are people from Josh's old shop. They are an awesome group of people and he missed not working with them anymore. We had to sit with his new command during the dinner and ceremony, but as soon as it was over, we went over to where everyone from the old shop was and hung out for a bit! Hubby had a blast seeing everyone! It had been awhile!]

On the way to Savannah:

The sunset as we drove:

Our table:

(Never did get a picture of the entree)

The before dinner pic: (hubby always thinks he needs to frown in uniform) ;)
The 234th birthday cake!:

Myself and the beautiful Lisa (who is 8 months pregnant and more in shape than anyone I know, she just looks like she is carrying a basketball in front and THATS ALL!)
Ramer and Tasz:
The way late in the evening pic: (hubby is having a good time and has forgotten he doesn't like to smile in uniform) ;)
Joe and Lisa Giglio {and Baby G):
Giglio & Ramer:

01 November, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well last year we didn't celebrate the holiday as we were bringing back daddy from Cherry Point after his return from his deployment in Iraq.

{Eeyore 2008}
But this year we took "Pebbles" to some friends and let her "help" pass out candy!
She actually had the most fun with their dog Ammo who was dressed as a squirrel! {it was adorable!}Getting her treat basket from Miss Lisa!
Knocking on daddy and mommy's door!

Turtle doesn't eat candy (by her own choice,) and really cared less about the treats but she had an absolute blast seeing all the kids and kept trying to get them to come to the yard to play with her!

30 October, 2009

Fall portraits 2009

I was planning on doing family portraits later on, closer to Turtle's bday, but because I didn't get exactly what I wanted out of our photo shoot with the photographer, I decided to go ahead and do our portraits.
{For those that don't know, I take these myself with a good old bed sheet as a backdrop!}

She really didn't want to participate this time and I didn't get as many as I wanted of just her, but a few turned out great!

My favorite of her:

My FAVORITE out of all of them!!!:
The one we tried to take outside with Syd but she kept trying to wander off so it wasn't successful!: