25 December, 2008

11 month photo shoot

We also took the time to take some "professional" pics this afternoon! Here is some of the best of Turtle and one family pic!

Christmas morning 2008

Christmas 2008 (with more pics to come)

It was wonderful! Nothing could be better than spending with Josh and Turtle! (Except for spending it with them and snow instead of 77 degree weather.)

Turtle got a ton of presents and daddy and I ended up opening them because she was more interested in climbing on top of boxes!!

10 December, 2008

Creating Holiday Memories!

We "trimmed" the tree on Saturday! I was contemplating doing it while Turtle was sleeping, but I am still a kid and couldn't wait!

So after I hung the lights, she hung (with daddy's help,) her very first ornament!! And of course we made Syd "hang" her own also!

03 December, 2008

Trip to Florida

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Florida with my Aunt & Uncle! Turtle had her normal wild hair going on, but here is a few pics from Thanksgiving day!